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3 ways to be a better caregiver to a parent

3 ways to be a good caregiver.
Who should take care of mom, dad or other family members? This question suggests that a decision is made among siblings to share the caregiving role, but the reality is that even if there are multiple siblings to choose from, one child usually bears the brunt of this responsibility. What follows next is burn-out. Many caregivers start to believe that they now have to be superwoman/man, and their new role is to do it ALL. These three (3) guides will help define your senior caregiving role and preserve your well-being:
1. Gratitude – The Best Way to “Give Back” to Parents This one word 'gratitude' can sum up all that needs to be said here. As a caregiver and child of advanced-age parents, cultivating a grateful heart will get you through the tough care giving times. This is how you honor your parents, being there and showing thankfulness.
2. Let Go of Guilty Sentiments These five feelings, common among caregivers may ‘ring true’ for you, too: 1) You have difficulty watching loved ones decline 2) You wish you could do more 3) You feel a need to be present all the time 4) You complain about the demands of care giving 5) You miss spending time with family If so, recognize these are normal emotions, and then let it go! Think anew, knowing that you make a positive difference in your parents' lives and that's enough.

3. Be the Best You!
Caregivers who bottle-up emotions (resentment, moodiness and depression) tend to have trouble sleeping and mental ill-health issues. To be the best YOU, plus an effective caregiver:
Find time for you (take mini breaks, even 15 minutes during care)
Listen to music, find spiritual inspirations or chill-out with friends.
Ask siblings to pitch-in with Medicare paperwork and other indirect support.

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